Scientifically-practical conference ‘Psychological counselling and psychotherapy: challenges of the present’, 15 – 16 November 2019, Kharkiv

V. N. Karin Kharkiv National University

School of Psychology

All-Ukrainian Institute of Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy

National Psychological Association

European Federation of Psychological Associations

Scientifically-practical conference

Psychological counselling and psychotherapy: challenges of the present

Kharkiv, on 15 – 16 November

The modern world is dynamic, open, full of changes andanxiety. Professionals, who work in the field of assistance to other people, face with new challenges every day. In order to compile scientific and practical experience of these professionals, who practice psychological counseling and psychotherapy, we have decided to create a scientific framework for experience sharing.We would like to invite all those interested in this event. The formatof the work involves not only theoretical presentations, but also workshops. 

The main topics of the conference:

  • Psychotherapy and culture
  • Models of psychotherapy
  • Psychotherapy: the current state of theory and practice
  • Psychotherapeutic modalities and methods
  • Psychotherapy with somatic and psychosomatic patients
  • Psychotherapy of trauma
  • Psychotherapy in sexology
  • Family psychotherapy
  • Child and adolescence psychotherapy
  • Geriatric psychotherapy
  • Ethical aspects of psychological practice
  • Psychotherapy in current social problem solving
  • Diagnostics in psychotherapy and psychological counseling

The registration form, program of the event and conditions for the participationwill be available soon.

The contact person:

Kharchenko Andrii +38050-973-76-11.