#EuroSemester / A comprehensive model of motivation in work with addicted clients


Kyiv, 12 Kozhumyatska str., 25.09.2019 10:00 – 18:00

Coach: Denis Starkov, psychologist, social work master, UIPA’s instructor and supervisor, the president of UIPA (www.starkov.kiev.ua)



During this workshop our work will be focused on the following aspects:

  • motivation development models in work with addicted clients
    (D. Prohazka & C. DeKlemente’s comprehensive model of change,
    M. Yaltonskiy’s model of motivation to treatment of dependence from psychoactive substances);
  • the role of cognitive dissonance in anosognosia in addiction;
  • the author’s complex model of motivational work with addicted clients;
  • skill training in the area of motivational work.

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