European Semester of Psychology

Ukraine Psychology. The new age: The power of unity

Ukrainian psychology has developed in forced collaboration with Soviet psychology. Such domestic psychologist as L. Vygotsky, A. Luria, V. Myasishchev, G. Tschelpanow, V. Bleicher, H. Kostyuk have promoted science but did not have enough opportunities for practical exchange of experience and knowledge with West European and North American colleagues due to «iron curtain». The exchange of experience has been complicated by the dominance of nihilism in such questions as copyright and prohibition of direct contact with such called «capital ideologists». Psychologists of that time have been able to receive, with the help of their colleagues from Eastern bloc countries (Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria), scant, but current information about the state of affairs, some new ideas and the recent developments in psychological science. These countries, for various circumstances including geographical location, were less controlled in their interactions with the colleagues from France, West Germany, USA etc.  

At independence, Ukrainian psychology and science became hostage to the consequences of Soviet Union’s collapse. We were faced with the loss of internal linkage, economic recession, need to re-evaluate priorities and authorities not only in the political field, but also in scientific life.

Ukrainian psychology has been left behind without government support and this problem is still unsolved today. Psychologists have not been able to transform scientific knowledge into commodities and services. The lack of modern literature has resulted from the low language proficiency among psychologists. The small amount of English-language literature has led to the usage of rare and outdated translations. The tendency to maintain formal contacts with progressive foreign psychologist and institution has been changing. Today we get a chance to transform Ukrainian psychology.

Since independence no attempt has been made in order to accede Ukraine to the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations. This has been made possible only at the Congress in Amsterdam in 2017. Representatives of the largest European Psychology Coalition, in the presence of the guests from USA (APA), have voted for the inclusion of Ukraine in the umbrella association, which brings today together more than 300 000 psychologists all over Europe.

Ukranian National Psychological Association (NPA) has an opportunity to hold the European Semester of Psychology late in the year due to the appeal to the Presidents’ Council of EFPA, that has been made.

At present NPA is undergoing major development. We had chosen to establish the umbrella association, which already united 14 different psychological assassinations on the basis of democracy. We continue to expand with the hope, that the idea of mutually beneficial relationship with Europe and the rest of the world will be strongly supported by the scientific and practical community of Ukranian psychologists. With such kind of help we will be able to reform the whole psychological sphere in our country and bring psychologist together. Ukranian psychological community has a large and growing membership, but also a lack of coherence. Unfortunately, most of the psychological associations has not published data on the number of their members and even did not keep the records.

All the activities of the European Semester were confirmed by the universities and institutions of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Zhytomyr, Sumy, Ternopil, Lutsk. A number of international, European and local events are scheduled. We call on the working groups and committees of EFPA to hold meetings in Ukraine late in the year. Your arrival and involvement in the partnership-building process with Europe and the world will enhances the further development of Ukranian psychology.

After three revolutions (Revolution on Granite 1990, Orange Revolution 2004, Revolution of Dignity 2013-2014) we finally realized, that we have to move forward without great expectation for outside help. We are waiting for the goodwill and support for desire to become colleagues, co-authors of our common European psychological history.

Welcome to Ukraine!  

Place of meeting
PresentPast Forum. Processing the Past to Shape the Futurepassed
(14 June 2019)
49A, Volodymyrska str.
Inveria Flow Space
Modern strategies of neuropsychology development. From psychodiagnostics and psychotherapy to rehabilitationpassed
(9 – 10 Aug 2019)
27, Deribasivska str.
Hotel «Deribas»
Lecture «Personality in modern science»passed
(6 Sep 2019)
12, Kozhumyatska str.
Lecture «Modern studies of the drug abuse»passed
(12 Sep 2019)
12, Kozhumyatska str.
Training «A comprehensive model of motivation in work with addicted clients»passed
(25 Sep 2019)
12, Kozhumyatska str.
Lecture «The role of psychologist in Mental Health system» (Prof. Rachel Tribe)
(30 Sep 2019)
12, Kozhumyatska str.
Scientific-practical conference «Modern guidelines of psychological science under conditions of society transformation: experience and innovations»passed
(25 – 26 Oct 2019)
46a, Mykulynetska Str.
Faculty of Law
All-Ukrainian (with international participation) scientific-practical conference
«Theoretical-methodological foundations and psychotechnology of preservation and restoration of mental well-being of the person»
(1 Nov 2019)
4, Bursatskyi uzviz
Kharkiv State Academy of Culture (KhSAC)
All-Ukrainian Congress on social psychology (UCSP-2019) «Social psychology in present days: achievements and challenges»7 – 9 Nov 2019Kyiv
15, Andryivska Str.
Institute of Social and Political Psychology
Scientifically-practical conference
«Psychological counselling and psychotherapy: challenges of the present»
15 – 16 Nov 2019Kharkiv
4, Svobody Sq.
V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

The conference «Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing for Business» 
15 – 16 Nov 2019Kyiv
Hotel Bratyslava, 1 Malyshka Str.
Scientific-practical conference «Human Science at the Crossroads of Psychology, Philosophy and Philology»18 – 19 Nov 2019Kyiv
4, Tryohsvyatytelska str.
AUPA-3. Development of clinical psychological assessment in Ukraine21 Nov 2019
12, Kozhumyatska str.
Workshop on Psychologist`s Space Organizing as Therapeutic Instrument (S. Royz)

25 Nov 2019 10:00 – 13:00Kyiv,
5, Estonska Str.
EFPA's Executive Council Meeting27 Nov 2019Kyiv
EFPA's Executive Council Meeting28 Nov 2019Kyiv
EFPA's Presidents Council dinner28 Nov 2019 at 19:30Kyiv
EFPA's President Council Meeting29 Nov 2019 at 10:00 – 16:00 Kyiv
Seminar «European Certificate in Psychology (EuroPsy): Growing Competitive Opportunities for Universities and their Alumni»30 Nov 2019 at 11:00 - 16:00Kyiv
12, Kozhumyatska str.
International Interdisciplinary Scientific and Practical Conference
«Modern psychological tendencies for supporting and recovering of mental health of personality: theory and practice»
13 – 14 Dec 2019
16, Universitetska str.
Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy