Scientific-practical conference «Human Science at the Crossroads of Psychology, Philosophy and Philology»

(18 – 19 November 2019)

World science trends indicate the need for a multidisciplinary view of man, history and nature. Discussions are going around the correlation of the innate and the acquired, language and imagination, knowledge and abilities, the search for commonality between people and total loneliness. In one way or another, all these issues are addressed within both psychology, philosophy and philology.

This conference is a part of the European Semester of Psychology, which takes place in Ukraine from June to December 2019.

Form of holding a series of round tables in thematic directions.
Everyone is welcome scientists, students and graduate students from Ukraine and all over the world. We encourage creative presentation of the material and live discussion.
Place: 4, Triochsvyatitelskaya St., 4 Center for Humanitarian Education of NAS of Ukraine.
Working languages of the conference: Ukrainian, English, Russian, Polish.

• Psychologists Without Borders NGO
• Center for Scientific Research and Teaching Foreign Languages of NAS of Ukraine
• Center for Humanitarian Education of NAS of Ukraine

Information support
European Federation of Psychologists’ Accociations 
National Psychological Association 

1. The unity of the methodology of research in human sciences.
2. Man and humanity as the object of study.
3. Interrelation between language, thinking and activity.
4. Beauty, Truth and Goodness in the consideration of psychology, philosophy and philology.
5. Human existence: search for meanings and values.
6. Human psychology in a globalized world. Achievements and Challenges.

Publication of materials is at the expense of the authors.

To participate, you must send your personal details (full name, place of work / study, mail) and abstracts (max 4 pages A4, TNR12, 1.5) by October 31, 2019 to (you can also contact her from all questions). After the text is approved, you pay a fee of 10$ for the publication of the abstract and the digest. The action plan of conference will be notified 2 weeks before the event.