PresentPast Forum. Processing the Past to Shape the Future, Kyiv, 14 June 2019 (the event has passed)

Participation free of charge.

For over 30 years, AMCHA has been providing psychosocial support to survivors and their descendants in Israel. Due to the aftereffect of the Shoah there is in Israel und Germany a lot of experience in the dealing with the past and supporting traumatized people and groups in the present.

Historical, social and biographical experiences have a lasting effect over generations and play a central role in dealing with current conflicts. What transgenerational effects does trauma have after collective violence? What are the social and individual effects of the past and the current handling of trauma after collective violence? What are the principles of history-reflexive and trauma-sensitive psychosocial help in this context? What does a professional need to be competent in dealing with these questions?

The Present Past Forum wants to share expertise, to build network and to strengthen caregivers and therapists in their practice areas. The focus is on empowerment and mutual support in psychosocial help across different contexts.

Experts from Ukraine, Germany and Israel will set impulses that stimulate the reflection of one’s own work and impart knowledge about psychosocial principles. A final panel will reflect on current contexts and make challenges of help visible.

The program is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Health and EVZ Foundation.



Concept and program:

Lukas Welz, Chairman AMCHA Germany
Marina Chernivsky, Board AMCHA Germany / Program Director
Dina Gud, Project Coordinator PresentPast Ukraine