About NPA

National Psychological Association (NPA) is umbrella union that unites various in directions of activity psychological associations of Ukraine. Today the NPA involves only a collective membership. You must first enter into one of the Association-members of the union to get a seat in the NPA Psychologists Registry.

NPA was founded in June 2017 and currently consist of 14 Association-members: 12 full members and 2 associative members.

Since July 16, 2017 NPA is the National Representative in the European Federation of Psychological Associations (EFPA). The NPA is guided by the principles of democracy and equality of all members of the union. The change of leadership of the association is held every two years by open voting with the participation of board members.

Primary goals of the NPA:

  • European Semester of Psychology 2019;
  • development / expertise / participation in the adoption of laws and administrative legal acts regulating psychological activity;
  • accept the roadmap and implement the Europsy certification system;
  • development of the model of licensing and certification of psychologists of Ukraine;
  • the protection of the interests of professional psychologists, the creation of the Code of Ethics and the Ethics Committee.